Pocket People

Do you ever feel like you could have a better advantage in life if you had someone from another race to help with everyday situations you just can't handle? Look no further....

What People Are Saying


2009-01-12 16:33:54

Pocket People rocks!! Haha awesome video you guys

Dan Hoffman

2008-09-10 19:34:57

I really enjoyed this episode. Honestly I laughed at this episode the hardest because it was bolder and more risque than the previous episodes. I sensed the actors had fun getting into more 'taboo' territory. The special effects of the pocket people were very well done too. Overall, good job and kudos to everyone on this daring piece!


2008-09-04 16:51:04

AWESOME! too kool I wished I had a "POCKET PEOPLE" how do I get one! :) How about one that pays your bills for ya..ha,ha.

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