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04/11/2011 - 01:01 am

Dave Chappelle???? People laughed at Dave Chappelle stuff. I’m so mad my friend made me watch this. I didn't laugh at all and I have a very good sense of humor. You need a batter writer.

Evan Tobias

2009-10-18 03:56:57

when you make it big...because YOU WILL,I Hope you remember to never stop...You got looks,personality and talent...DONT STOP EM COMING J-LOVE!!!

Myra Witherspoon

2009-02-27 21:56:14

Hi Mia--- Wow! I love it! When I spoke to you earlier I can tell you really had a passion about what you were doing... but NOW, watching the visuals of your work is amazing! I know you will be successful. It's awesome & congratulations!!!!! Myra

edward hughey

2009-01-08 11:02:00

Ava Vincent i think your doing a great job writing these scripts. It really reminds me of dave chappelle, but better because you have more actors doing there own thing adding there own touches to the show. Jason Tobias i think your an awesome actor, and keep up the good work. Katie Dodson keep up what your doing and you have no choice but to go far..

Dan Hoffman

2008-11-27 15:32:11

Great idea to create an interview episode! It shows the pride and the passion you all feel about how far you've come and where you're going in the future. Good Work!!!


2008-11-25 10:21:35


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