Zahra  Vincent headshot

Zahra Vincent

Director/Executive Producer/Writer

Personal Information

Phone Number: (310) 593-3347
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Cutting Room TV
Automation Hell Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions
Celebrity Ringtones Supporting Gypsy Vanner Productions
HORRENDA Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions
The Facinelli's Supporting Gypsy Vanner Productions
Baking Fun With The Facinelli Kids Supporting Gypsy Vanner Productions
School Daze With The Facinelli Kids Co Star Gypsy Vanner Productions
Bus Days: Fall Of The Politicians Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions
Pocket People Co Star Ryan A. Markle
Intervention Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions
A&V Biography: Presents Childhoods Of Political Leaders Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions

Cavemen Election Party Member ABC

Improvisation North Shore Theatre C. Finley
Dramatic Art North Shore Theatre C. Finley
Acting & Speech North Shore Theatre C. Finley
Style & Performance North Shore Theatre C. Finley
Dramatic Art North Shore Theatre C. Finley
Basic Improv ACME Comedy Theatre Joseph Limbaugh
Comedy Intensive ACT NOW Workshop Nick Anderson
Sitcom Intensive ACT NOW Workshop Anthony Krauss
Film Intensive ACT NOW Workshop Dan Velez
Film Intensive ACT NOW Workshop Michelle Wade

Bachelor of Science in Pre-Veterinarian Medicine at Angelo State University, May 2004

Special Skills:
Dialects: Scottish, Irish, Cockney, Southern American, French, Italian, Australian, German, Standard British, Mexican, Jamaican, African, Russian
Skills: Horseback Riding, Swimming General/Freestyle, Typing, Cycling, Jump Rope, Running General/Sprint, Licensed Driver, Whistler