Michael Resendez headshot

Michael Resendez


Personal Information

Phone Number: (323) 314-6003
Email: michael.a.resendez@gmail.com
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Film & TV
Distant Admirer Lead Mario Almaguer
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Lead Mel Berg
Crash Supporting Sheryl Grace
John Hancock Inmate Peter Berg
Grind House Zombie Robert Rodriguez
Beautiful Lead Joe Castillo
Muerte De Tigo Bar Patron Shelia Mendez
Shattered Dreams Supporting Michael Patillo
Friday Night Lights Football Player Peter Berg

Cutting Room TV
The Cutting Room Lead Gypsy Vanner Productions
NPG&ME Supporting Gypsy Vanner Productions
The Facinell's Supporting Gypsy Vanner Productions

Amazon.com Clothing Model
Austin Commerce Project Business Man Kirk Tuck

Jesus of Nazarath Lead Iglesia Maranagha Community Theatre

J.B. Entertainment Commercial & Modeling Justin Brown
Principles of Acting Scene Work & Improv Texas Tech Uni.
Voice For the Actor Voice Diction Texas Tech Uni.
Intro. Theatre Monologues & Scene Study Texas Tech Uni.