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Katie Dodson


Personal Information

Phone Number: (626)484-4978
Email: katherinejdodson@eartlink.net
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel


No Answer Violet Gordon Freedman
Gilmore Girls Towns Person Season 6
Catholic School Girl Extra Independent Film
Human Genome Project Student Art Center, Pasadena CA
Talent Show Clownt MTV

The Good Doctor Mistress/Woman Northern Arizona Univ.
Cinderella Stepmother Northern Arizona Univ.
An Afternoon of the Elves Hilary Lennox Northern Arizona Univ.
Milestones of Aging and Maturity Myself Northern Arizona Univ.
The Bald Soprano Mrs. Martin Northern Arizona Univ.
‘Dentity Crisis Jane Northern Arizona Univ.
Titanic Victoria Northern Arizona Univ.
I Remember Mama Sigrid Solfeldt Northern Arizona Univ.
The Crucible Sarah Good Northern Arizona Univ.
Dracula: The Musical? Concubine South Pasadena H.S
Women of Troy Ensemble Cal State Fullerton Festival
The Winter’s Tale Hermione South Pasadena H.S
Pride and Prejudice Ballroom Dancer South Pasadena H.S
Peter Pan Mermaid, Lost Child South Pasadena H.S
The Wise Man and the Elephant Dr. Muddle Cal State Fullerton Festival
The Trial of Goldilocks Goldilocks Cal State Fullerton Festival
Damn Yankees Ensemble South Pasadena Middle School
Lil’ Abner Ensemble South Pasadena Middle School
Hello Dolly Townsman, Waiter South Pasadena Middle School

Vagina Monologues Northern Arizona Univ.
Western Union Principal Northern Arizona Univ.
Jiffy Lube Principal Northern Arizona Univ.
Domino's Principal Cal State Fullerton Festival
Dialects: Glasgowegian, Norwegian, English, Irish; Juggling; Volleyball; Soccer; Track-Hurdling; Cycling; Barista

Northern Arizona University ’01-’05 ; Second City, Hollywood ’03; South Pasadena High School -’97-’01

Mac Groves, PHD (928)523-9596
Bob Yowell, PHD (928)523-2279
Barbara Jo Maier, PHD (928)607-2768
Buddy Combs (928)699-4587
Irene Ryan Award Nominee; Best Actress 2005 NAU; Best Supporting Actress 2004 NAU